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Bye Bye Canon

Hello all, I’m back.

So, it turns out I took a year and a few months off from photo blogging.  I can’t say it was some Zen moment, or an enlightening experience.  Truth is, I largely stopped taking photos for a while.  I am still wondering why, again not some conscious decision to “improve my craft” via a break from the hobby.  I just stopped.  Nothing extraordinary.

Then something quite interesting happened.  We went to Block Island, RI for a wedding and weekend away.  Block Island is a beautiful place.  Here’s a sunrise…


However, during the weekend my camera (Canon 7D w/  a Sigma F4 17-80) went missing. Stolen actually.  It was carelessness on my part.  It was left next to a bonfire at our hotel, and was gone when we went to retrieve. Pro-tip, stow your gear safely, especially if you are enjoying drinks around a bonfire.

However, the truth is I was a bit tired of the 7D, and in it’s absence and thoughts about how to replace, my mind shifted to a smaller, lighter, and more compact system.    I came to the quick realization that part of my loss in energy was that I was opting to leave the 7D home in favor of my iphone6 or Canon G7 (now an aging addition to my camera bag).  I was tired of lugging the heavy camera/equipment,

My first thought was to get a smaller DSLR, perhaps a Canon T6 or similar (never considered Nikon). But my mind conjured thoughts of my old 350D, so that was quickly dismissed.  I also briefly considered another 7D (Mark II), but then remembered the pain of lugging all that weight, and I was on a bit of a budget (now have a kid in college). Then mirror-less 4:3 systems caught my attention. I Eventually decided to make the jump to Olympus, and the OM-D E-M10 Mark II.  I’ll share a complete post on the camera and my initial images and review.

Here’s the M10 Mark II with the 40-150 (80-300 equivalent 35mm) MZukio zoom.


This weighs less than my Tamron 70-300 zoom not attached to the old 7D.  So, this is a significant space saver for my camera bag, but also several pounds less to lug around.   I did decide to keep my old Canon 350D with a 28-200 zoom as a back up camera in my bag.

Here are the reasons I made the switch:

  • I don’t need pro gear, I’m not a pro.  That said, I expect top quality images.  The M10 delivers this.
  • Lugging around heavy camera gear is a pain, and I had stopped taking photos because of it.
  • Micro 4:3 is emerging, and technological advancements in this realm are exceeding whats happening on the DSLR markets
  • I was on a bit of a budget, and couldn’t really afford the hefty 7D Mark II price tag (especially because I needed a new primary zoom lens as well).

So, I am back.  And the blog will continue.  Next post will be a review of the camera, as well as some images captured so far.  Stay tuned.


What’s next….

So here it is!  The end.

I’ve decided to shutter [bad pun i know] this photo blog.  Since it’s start back in 2007 it’s been a good journal of what’s become a great hobby. I’m proud of the photos I’ve posted.  The photos here are the product of some hard work.  And while some are better than others, I’ve enjoyed sharing them all.

However, over the past year a few things have changed.  First my shooting time has diminished dramatically.  I’ve picked up a few other interests, not replacing the photography, but replacing some of the time spent hunting for the “perfect” shot. Secondly, as a family we’ve transitioned away from the desktop being the primary location for using the internet. In doing so my photos have become disjointed and saved across several devices and in several light room catalogs.  Suddenly managing a portfolio, over multiple devices, which saw the introduction of 15K photos a year for the last 7 years is nearly impossible.  So the lack of time and a rather disjointed workflow have me thinking about the hobby, blogging, and how I want to approach both.  The current blog, in my opinion has run it course and is due to retire.

The new space, when it’ ready will be a discussion on composition and how I manage to “get” the shot, my slide down the technical learning curve, and a serious discussion on workflow and photo catalog management (not that I know anything about that, but I do know I’m doing it wrong).  Posts will be concentrated on projects not single photos.  All in all, a discussion of my hobby more than a presentation of my work.

So there will be one more post on this blog.  When I sign off in about a month.  By then the new blog will be hatched and I’ll share the details.

I have met a few interesting people along the way, and shared 646 posts with everyone.  However, it’s time to retool and rebuild.

Thanks to all!



Clammy-- Washington DC Fish Market, 12/14

Clammy– Washington DC Fish Market, 12/14

Trains under H Street


Going up?


Good Morning NoMa




Abstract/studio lighting night at photography club last night. This is an old disk drive light with a light box.


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