Photo 365, Day 1 January 1, 2010 “Bus Stop”

Lego Land Bus Stop

New to the blog this year is an attempt to post one shot per day for a full year.  The goal is to become a better photographer, and have some fun along the way.  Here are my ground rules:

  • The photos must be taken on the date listed in the title.  My work/home schedule will sometimes prevent me from actually posting every picture on the date it’s taken.  So I’ll have my camera with me everyday, and snap photos along the way, and I’ll get them up and on the site as soon as I can
  • Because I’ll get discouraged quickly if I skip a day, I’ll allow myself to post archive photos from time to time.  However, I’ll limit myself to using an archive photo to only 2 times in any calendar month
  • As motivation, I’ll reward myself quarterly for sticking to the plan.  I’m not sure what form I’d like to take with rewards.  And I’ll really have to check with the budget and finance committee before I spend any money in this area
  • I can use any camera available to me.  Generally I’ll use my Canon G9, but any camera, including my cell phone, camera will work
  • I’ll archive all photos via a slide show HERE

About this photo:

Jack and I have enjoyed building some Lego City vehicles and cityscape this week.  Here is a silly city scene where we made a bus  and bus stop.

2 thoughts on “Photo 365, Day 1 January 1, 2010 “Bus Stop”

  1. Nels, I love your idea of posting a photo a day. . will look forward to seeing your posts. If I were more organized, disciplined and or creative, I’d follow your lead and join you on your quest. . . howsomever, not gonna happen. BUT I so admire your skills and as I said, look soooooo forward to watching this thread this year.
    Luv Ya


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