The 2009 that was….

The last year of the decade was a pretty good one.  Aside from career advancement for me, and graduation (finally walking across the stage) for Lynn, we had a great year as a family.  Here are some memories…

Us with Minnie at Disney World January 2009

We finally made it to Florida for a family vacation at Walt Disney World.  As predicted we came home from the vacation as tired and worn out as we when we left, but it was a memorable trip which is still the topic of many dinner time conversations.

Jackson's first Lacrosse Practice (Age 5)

In March Jackson, and 40 other Pre-K and Kindergartners, started Scooper’s Lacrosse with  the B.A.Y.S. For those of you who don’t live in the mid-atlantic region, we take our Lacrosse pretty seriously.  Most kids on the scoopers, at the ripe age of 5 and 6, came to the clinic already able to scoop, cradle, catch and throw.

North Swan Beach, NC Family Vacation

In August the extended Cross family headed to the 4×4 area north of Corolla North Carolina.  As always we had a great week, which was made better this year because of the “outback” feel of staying in the 4×4 access area.  The shot above was the busiest day on the beach we saw all week.

Victoria on one of our beach photowalks

I became the dad of a teenager this fall.  And I have to say again that I am thouroughly enjoying every minute of that.

Jack's First Day at Kindergarten

And as a final image for the year, above is Jack on his first day of Kindergarten.  He loves school, and is doing well.

So, again, we had a pretty good year, but we’re looking forward to 2010.  Stick around for all the photos along the way….


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