Photo 365 Day 15 “Blue Heron on the Bush River”

Blue Heron on the Bush River

One of my favorites from a few years ago.  I know, I know, another archive.  I had a crazy busy day; and while I am sure you would have screamed if I took more Lego pictures, I decided to go retro instead.  The Heron in this picture was a surprise to me when I uploaded the photos.  Had I seen him, I would have tried for a closer shot.

Speaking of the archive photos, I think I am going to amend my 2 per month rule.  I think I would rather post something meaningful to me than just post whatever I happened to rush through that day.  I am still going to carry the camera everyday, and be ready to snap away,  however I won’t feel guilty if I have to share something from the past.

Thanks for visiting, I have had almost 350 page views since the first of January, which exceeds the 2009 yearly page views.  Do me a favor and comment on what you like and what you don’t. And please if you have any ideas of how I can compose my shots better, or any other critique, please share!

Have a great weekend. Stay tuned for more photos along the way.


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