Photo 365 Day 18 “Belair Mansion, Bowie MD”

Belair Mansion Bowie MD

The Belair Mansion is known as the home of Governors, as several of Maryland’s Governors either lived there, or were associated with the Mansion.  Currently the mansion is surrounded by a suburban planned development.  However for many many years a plantation surrounded the mansion.  My Grandfather, Nelson Cross Sr., was either born at the Belair Farm, or moved there as a small boy.  My Great-Grandfather, Joseph Cross, worked on the farm, probably tending or training horses.  My Grandfather never spoke of life at Belair, so unfortunately that’s all I know.  We also don’t really know where my Great-Grandfather Joseph moved from before he landed at Belair.

I drive through Bowie each morning and evening on my way to and from work.  I worked a shortened day because of the MLK holiday and decided to stop in the Belair Mansion on my way home. I also did a photowalk in downtown Annapolis, capped off with a coffee from City Dock.  I’ll post more about the photowalk in another post.

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