Photo 365 Day 19, “Annapolis Photo Walk”

Maryland State House from Main Street

As I mentioned yesterday, after my visit to the Belair Mansion in Bowie I stopped in Annapolis for a quick, very fruitful visit to at the city dock.  The picture to the right was taken from the intersection of Main Street and Francis Street looking at the Maryland Statehouse.  The Maryland Legislature is in session, so there were these incredibly annoying political pollsters irritating everyone on Main Street.  I enjoy our freedoms in this country, so I respect their right to poll for their cause. But still, respect my right to walk down the street without being shamed into signing petitions.  The guy backed off when I said I supported slots at Arundel Mills.

Ducks near the City Dock

After this encounter I did what any self-respecting Annapolitan would do, I headed to City Dock for a warm cup of joe.  The sun was out and the day was warm for mid-January, so I headed across the street to the head of the Ego Alley to do some people watching. However what I found was a huge flock of Mallard Ducks seeking a handout from the crowd gathered watching them.

This led to what was possibly the most frustrating part of the photo walk.  My photographic objective was to take a few close up shots of some male mallards, as the sun was making their heads and necks look dark purplish.  What happened however, was in order to get the shutter speed up to a point where the ducks swimming didn’t blur the image I had to set the ISO to a point where the images had a lot of noise when I cropped them.  So lesson learned; find better light! Instead, I held my ground between the dock bulkhead and a municipal trash can.  So next time, I’ll move around more, and not worry so much about looking like a photographer.

All of this leads to Day 19’s  photo 365 shot.  It is a shot of a sailing vessel docked at the National  Sailing Hall of Fame dock.  So, with no further ado, here is today’s photo of the day.  Enjoy!

National Sailing Hall of Fame, Annapolis Harbor

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