Photo 365 Day 23 Bush River HDR—**My First HDR**

Bush River HDR

Here is my first attempt at HDR, High Dynamic Range imaging.  Obviously, I have lots more to learn, but I did manage to accomplish something significant in this photo.  I was able to correct an overexposed shot and create a more balanced shot.  However, I didn’t shoot this in RAW, so instead of adding a degree plus and minus of exposure when compared to the original, I added degrees of RGB levels to achieve an over/under exposure feel to the photograph.  At any rate, I am pleased with the photo but recognize I have some more practice to do.

Bush Sunrise

I was a bit bummed today because I wrote the wrong date down for the BaltimorePhoto Collective photo walk at Robert E. Lee Park in Baltimore. This is my first event with the group, although several members are long time friends and high school classmates.  Check back tomorrow, I’ll post a collage as the Photo 365 picture.  With a little cooperation from Mother Nature, I’ll be able to take part in the walk tomorrow.

We are headed back to Quiet Waters Ice Skating Rink tonight so the KIDS can skate.  I’ll try to snap a few photos of that as well.  Stay tuned for more photos along the way.

For a little fun, here’s a poll, enjoy!


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