Photo 365 Day 25 “Wild Weather Day, Thanks For the Clouds”

The Front Arrives, The view from the Waldorf Subway

Wild weather day here in Southern Maryland.  The day started with rain, a deluge of rain.  As I left the house this morning I debated taking the G9 with me, thinking the day was a grey, wet mess.  But, the “what if” took over and I threw the camera in my bag and headed to work. By lunch, the rain had let up and there were fast moving frontal clouds, mixed with dark grey storm clouds, set against a bring sun and rich blue sky.  As I parked the car in front of the Subway for lunch the shot above greeted me. This is a 3 exposure, tone mapped, HDR image.

Cloudy Clouds for the Way Home

As the afternoon the clouds worked there way through Waldorf, eventually making the sky only “partly cloudy”.  The picture above is the view from my office as I was leaving around 5:00PM this evening.  This is a 3 exposure HDR, and I like it, but it didn’t achieve the wow I thought it would have.

The big lesson learned today was, it’s always rewarding to take the camera along “anyway”.  There are photos around you everyday.  Unfortunately, we don’t often have a camera in hand to capture and share them.  Another lesson learned was to take the Wide Angle accessory lens off of the G9 and simply add my Opteka Polarizing Filter to the adapter.  This produced an equally, if not better image than the ones I was taking with the Wide Angle.  In reading around, I need to upgrade to genuine Canon adapters so I can match the cameras capabilities better, and in the process getting rid of the vignetting that the both the Wide and Tele cause.

Until next time, pack your camera tomorrow and take a few photos along the way…

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