Photo 365 Day 33 “Sails and Trails”

Uptown Annapolis Landmark "The Sail Bank"

The “Sail Bank” has stood as an icon in Parole since I was a kid.  Until they built the very large “Town Center at Parole” shopping center/condo community the sails would greet you as you drove east on US50 heading back into Annapolis after a long day at work in Washington.  For today’s picture I shot at f/4 for 15 seconds, which created the trails and made the sails stand  out.

My reason for being at the Town Center two nights in a row was because I was back at the gym tonight, and I’m quite sure my muscles will be in full revolt tomorrow.  Hopefully, I’ll have the arm strength to hold up the G9 for a few shots tomorrow.  Until then, be well!


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