January Top 5 Photos

Here’s a quick run down of the photos that received the most clicks in January.  Spots five,  and three all have ties, so they’ll both receive the nod.  I’ll try to do this each month just for fun, and we’ll wrap up the  photo 365 on day 366.

5.” Bodie Light” Tied for the 5th most clicked photo is this on of the Bodie Lighthouse.  You can read the original post here.

I chose the photos in this post because this was the first photo walk I did with the G9 in which I felt in control of the camera.  I had taken many photos with the camera up to this point, but this day some of the composition, and camera mechanics came together.

5.”The Road Ahead” Also tied for 5th is a photo I posted 3 days ago, the railroad tracks I ran across over the weekend in Chadds Ford, PA.  You can read the original post here.

I got a really cool comment on this photo from a friend whose opinion I really respect.  So, I suppose I am not so surprised to see it’s popularity among those readers of this blog out there.

4.”Annapolis Photo Walk” The number four spot sees a shot I took on my Jan 18, 2010 MLK day photo walk, which hit a few spots between Waldorf MD, Bowie MD, and of course Annapolis MD.  You can read the post here.

The original post has three photos.  One of the statehouse, one of some ducks, and of course the one to the left in this post.  I really enjoyed my afternoon in Annapolis, and am looking for warmer days to come back so I can enjoy taking some photos back on the dock.

3. “Waldorf Sunset”.  This shot was taken early in the photo 365 project, you can read the post here.

What’s amazing to me is that this photo has gotten some attention by my readers.  Thank you to those who have given this one the nod.  What’s amazing to me is that I took this photo out of compulsion not to post another archive photo.  I put almost not thought into the composition or settings, just keeled and clicked the shutter.  Who knew?

3. “Belair Mansion” This shot was taken the same afternoon as the Annapolis dock set above.  You can read the post here.

Conversely to the post that this photo is tied with, I took many many shots of the mansion that are archived for later use.  I did pay attention to detail this day, and got what I thought was a great shot of the mansion.  Glad my readers thought the same thing.

2. “Another View from the Office” A 3 exposure HDR of a shot I took of a tree outside our offices right after a strong low pressure system dumped a ton of rain and then created some beautiful cloud arrangements.  Here is the original post.

This is my personal favorite.  I like that I cought a flock of birds, that the tree seems 3-d on in front of the sunset, and how the colors of the sky vary from top to bottom.  I am considering getting a 8×10 printed of this for hanging in my office.

1. “Bush River Sunrise” Here is the original post.

This is an HDR rendering of a photo I took 2 years ago.  I have always loved this picture, and love the HDR version even more.  What is appealing to me are the yellows in both the sky and the reflection that aren’t in the original.  Your interest in the picture validates my own liking of this photo.

So there you have it! Month one of my photo 365 is behind me.  1/12 of the year long project has been completed.  I learned a few really good lessons.  First, I learned to use the shutter button very frequently.  Digital memory is cheap.  I also learned to look around me almost every where, and I now find myself saying “that would make a good photo”. I have also learned the biggest lesson of all, take the photo when you see it, don’t wait.  On numerous occasions I waited until I got somewhere, or finished something to go get the camera, only to lose the sunset colors or have that really cool cloud formation disappear over the horizon.  I’m looking forward to February, thanks for your support of my project in  January.


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