Photo 365 Day 36 “712 Returns on Snow Friday”

712 Returns from the Snowy Road

Sorry to post pictures of buses 2 days in a row.  But this was all I has a chance to shoot today.  The interesting news about this photo is that it was taken with my new (to me) Canon EOS Rebel XT.  The camera came as a gift from my dad (thanks dad).  I am looking forward to getting to know the camera and how to use it to it’s potential.  I am a bit torn though, because I love the G9.  In fact I suspect the G9 to be a daily staple for Photo 365.

Enjoy the snowy weekend, stay safe and warm.


2 thoughts on “Photo 365 Day 36 “712 Returns on Snow Friday”

  1. I saw your first bus pic the other day, so I paid closer attention when a Dillon bus passed my on Route 50 in Bowie the other day – it was in the 700s – maybe 745. I enjoy the pics. The Belair Mansion pic originally brought me here last month.


    1. Thanks for stopping in Mike.

      The buses you see on 50 are operating commuter service for MTA to/from Annapolis. I am the Terminal Manager for Dillon’s Waldorf facility. We do the same type commuter work there as well. Almost all of the older buses (more that 1 year but less than 10 years old) are numbered in the 700’s. We have about 175 in our fleet statewide. Rewarding place to work for sure.

      That was my first trip to the Belair Mansion. As I mentioned in the post, I have some family history there. I am planning a weekend trip back there for some more photos and touring later this spring.

      Thanks Again!!


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