Photo 365 Day 37 “Droplets”

Getting to know the Canon Rebel a little more today.  This photo was a mistake, but turned out really interesting so it gets the Photo 365 nod.  I was attempting to focus on the snow accumulation on top of our grill, but the camera focused on the water droplets and blurred the grill behind.

I am trying a few new things with Photo 365.  First the frame was done in editing not set by the css of the blog.  And second, I am going to paste the camera’s exif data at the bottom of each post.  This is more for me than anyone else, but if your into that type thing, here it is.

Camera Model    Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XT
Tv( Shutter Speed )    1/125
Av( Aperture Value )    7.1
Exposure Compensation    0
ISO Speed    400
Lens    18.0 – 55.0 mm
Focal Length    55.0 mm
Image Size    2764×1843
Image Quality    Superfine
Flash    Off
White Balance Mode    Auto

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