Photo 365 Day 40 “Mt. Annapolis on Jennifer Road”

After a weekend of being stuck in the house we were anxious to get out.  Yesterday we went to the bank, Applebee’s, and the Giant (to re-provision for tonight’s storm).  This shot was taken from the parking lot of the bank.  It’s shot through the front windshield of the car.  Surprisingly, I like the white of the snow pile against the organization of the building behind.

File Name    mountannapolis.jpg
Camera Model Name    Canon PowerShot G9
Shooting Date/Time    2/8/2010 1:18:47 PM
Shooting Mode    Auto
Tv (Shutter Speed)    1/1000
Av (Aperture Value)    4.0
Exposure Compensation    0
ISO Speed    80(Auto)
Lens    7.4 – 44.4 mm
Focal Length    29.2 mm
Digital Zoom    None
Image Size    3200×1798
Image Quality    Fine
Flash    Off
White Balance    Auto
AF Mode    Single AF
File Size    949 KB


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