Francis Street HDR

Francis Street at Dawn

Chad gave me a hard time yesterday about my Grey Boat photo not being HDR’d to the max.  So this one for him.. These photos are fun to play with and manipulate, but my eye almost always prefers a clean(er) image.  At any rate, be kind, this is my first real attempt at this technique.


5 thoughts on “Francis Street HDR

  1. This is a fabulous picture contrasting the warm streetlights and the somewhat dramatic sky. But i’m having a hard time getting HDR. I’d like to see the untouched image.


    1. Thanks Dad, as I said in the post my eye likes a more natural approach. However, there is some HDR stuff out there that is amazing.


  2. WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER! Awesome! Now if only you’d have thought to get that stupid car towed before you shot the photo. haha. Great shot Nels… and actually, it’s not too over the top HDR. Looks real nice.


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