Busy Day

Jack in Elizabeth's Landing

We had a very busy day today.  We started at 0900 in Pasadena for appointments at the Hair Salon.  While we were waiting for Lynn to be done I showed Jack Elizabeth’s Landing, where we lived for almost ten years before he was born.  To the left is a shot of Jack on the EL floating pier.  There was quite a bit of crabbing going on on the pier while we were there and Jack had a lot of questions about how you crab and what would happen if one pinched your feet.

Brantley the Runaway

To the right is Brantley the yellow lab.  Brantley showed up on the dock without any owners present and decided to take dip in Stoney creek.  His owners showed up a short time later and chased him up and down the beach, vowing that he was “so! Grounded!” when they got home.

Canon Bal

We then headed to York Pennsylvania for Allies birthday party, my cousin Rob’s daughter.  Rob is also Jackson’s Godfather.  Here are a few shots of the two of them playing in the pool.

Oh, Yeah!!

Rob was trying to get Jackson to stay in a tuck and yell “cannonball” in mid-air.  That never really worked out but it made for a great 10-minutes of photography and generational family bonding.

In and amongst all this fun a very attractive young mother in a string bikini walked up to me and asked “would you like to take a picture of my awesome caterpillar?”  After I regained consciousness below is what I saw.  I have cropped out the string bikini in this shot so I don’t get into too much trouble with Lynn.

String Bikini Caterpillar

And then finally for the artsy shot of the day.  Here is a daisy I spotted in a pot near the front gate of the swim club.


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