Here are a few housekeeping items for the blog, and an apology before the posts continue.

  • First, we have a new theme here at Photos along the way called, Twenty Ten.  I like the more simplistic look, and it has a few features the other blog didn’t (like a header image and sticky notes)
  • WordPress just added a “recommended” section to the posting portal which makes it easier to add related links, photos, and web-articles. I’ll be implementing some of this into my posts in hope of making the blog more readable, and viable on the web

And for the apology.  The last ten days or so have been heavy on photos and nil on words.  This was not intentional.  I was getting ready for vacation and knew the chances of keeping the flow of photos up while on vacation wouldn’t be possible.  So I pre-scheduled all of the posts.  My intention was to write the words as the days came; to keep me intune with the blog but, more importantly,  keeping the blog working in case I didn’t have time to write the words.  As you can see I failed, and didn’t manage to write during my entire vacation.  Sorry ’bout that folks.

Enjoy the photos.  The next few posts will be “lesson’s learned” from my week on vacation.  Stick around, I promise it’ll get a little more interesting.

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