Beach Photography Lesson Learned #2

If you read yesterday’s post you learned that I spent three mornings on vacation photographing the sunrise.  The photo above was taken on my third morning on the beach when my Dad and I hit the beach for the sunrise photoscursion.  As I said yesterday, I was a bit tense having another photographer on the beach with me but I did manage to find the shot above.

What draws me to this image is the composition of the shot.  I learned earlier in the week that when I was taking the longer exposure shots before dawn  the beach was defined more and actually was a focal point for the shot, especially when the cloud formations aren’t all that interesting.  However, when the sun hits the horizon the beach becomes a silhouette.  The focal point, to me mind you, then becomes the sky and what’s going on in that space.  Where I would normally balance my shot to show equal or close to equal parts of the beach and sky, in this photo I showed less of the silhouetted beach and more of the illuminated sky.  To add to this there were a few really cool things happening with the clouds that gave the shot some added dimension.

I’m sure there is some way to compensate for the silhouetting  but in this case I made it work for me.

ISO 100;Exp 1/125; f/4.5; Focal Length 18mm; border added in picnik and cropped but otherwise unedited.


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