Beach Photography Lessons Learned #3

The title for this “lesson learned” should be You’re on location not on assignment.  What I mean by that title is that when the picture above was taken I was on my way to photograph the Currituck Beach Lighthouse in Corolla, NC.  Obviously there is no lighthouse in this photograph.  The light is about one quarter mile down the road.  Lesson learned is that setting out to photograph one specific thing is a mistake.  My mindset needs to change to I am headed in the general direction of the Currituck Light to take photos.  Limiting myself to only shooting the light would have neglected a great opportunity to get this shot.

This photo is of a wonderfully restored Willys Jeep in front of a barn.  The shot is taken behind the Twiddy Realty offices in Corolla. Props to Twiddy for a wonderful vacation rental and great service!  On the way to the light house we needed to drop off some stuff at a vehicle we had parked at the Twiddy offices (can’t take a minivan on the 4×4 access beach).  I added a little vignetting and made the photo b/w to give it a little bit of a an older photograph feel.  Whomever restored this jeep did a fantastic job. Here’s a shot of the jeep in color so you can see the quality of the restore.

ISO 100; Exp 1/400; f/4; Focal length 40mm; border and vignetting added in picnik, b/w and tone adjusted (very minor) in picasa


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