Beach Photography Lesson Learned #6

Wildlife is elusive.  We’ll perhaps not grazing wild ponies.  But many other forms of wildlife are either in an out of the frame quickly, or simply don’t come around at all.  I had grilling duty one evening on vacation.  The beach house had two park style grills and I was using both to cook burgers and corn on the cob. As I was sitting in a plastic Adirondack chair sipping a cool beverage a beautiful tufted red and gray bird was working the branches of a tree above me searching for berries.  I did not have the camera with me and thus missed what would have been a very unique shot for the gallery.   Later in the week while sitting on one of the upper decks of the house, my dad and I noticed a red fox walking though the dune.  Again, the camera wasn’t handy.

It is however, not enough just to have a camera handy to make the shot.  You have to be aware that many animals aren’t going to go about their normal travels if they know, or think, a human is nearby.  Or, they aren’t going to be seen if they feel endangered in any way.  In order to capture these images you must meld patience with preparedness.  Being ready to shoot a great photo needs to be coupled with being still enough to let nature happen in front of you.

This shot is of the wild ponies of Corolla, NC.  This photo was taken in the back yard (sandy driveway) of our beach house.  These ponies have a large presence in the 4×4 access area.  Hardly a day goes by where you don’t see these guys either in your travels around the dunes or in your yard.


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