Photos Back Online

First and foremost, the PC that powers Photos Along the Way… was successfully upgraded to Windows 7 last night.  I have a few more programs to reinstall, and a few more small adjustments to how the files are configured.  But all in all the Windows back up and transfer program is an excellent method for upgrading files.

On Saturday we had high hopes for a money-making yard sale.  We netted negative equity, having gross sales of $25 and expenditures (lunch w/ the neighbors) of $28. In addition I lost my parking space in the garage to make space for the stuff we cleared out of the storage unit.  With no horizon in sight for getting rid of this stuff now I see me parking in the driveway for some time.

The photo above was born out of boredom while waiting for customers at the yard sale.  It’s of my neighbor’s sunflower. I like the way the sun is catching the right edge of the flower and the red highlights in the petals.  I enjoy shooting with shallow depth of field, especially with flowers and small subjects.  The shot was taken with my Canon Rebel Xti with the standard EF 18-55 lens.  For these type shots I shoot at as low of a F/stop as I can and extend the lens to the full 55mm focal length at 200ISO.   I then move the camera closer to or away from the subject to get the focus and composition I want. This shot was automatically focused, but I have tried manually focusing with some degree of success, but usually forget to turn the AF back when I am done.  I am thinking of purchasing a 50mm prime lens to take these shots.  If any reader out there can offer any tips or share a product suggestion please let me know.

2 thoughts on “Photos Back Online

  1. I love the picture. I agree with you. I like the red highlights that are coming through kinda from the back of the petals. As for a 50mm prime, I’ve heard that both Sigma and Tonika offer great glass. But the Canon 50mm 1.8 isn’t to expensive either.


    1. Thanks for the tip Drew. My dad has a sigma lens that he is really happy with. Thanks for the photo comments as well, they are appreciated.


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