Saturday Morning Photowalk—Annapolis City Dock

As I posted here Friday evening I headed to the Annapolis City Dock Saturday morning to take some photos of the Harbor and downtown Annapolis.  Now that Victoria is a teenager getting up to shoot photos with dad is not a priority at 0600 Saturday, but this week she decided to come along.  We had a great time talking and catching up.  She is an excellent photographer, and very observant of the small things in the architecture around her.

Here is a photo collage of some of the things both her and I captured during our walk.

Victoria was particularly proud of the life ring photo above, which she shot with my Canon G9.  Her burning question was why a life ring on the city dock would have a horse as a logo.  I agree and  a meager google search this morning netted no information.  If anyone knows please let me know.  Victoria also gets credit for several other shots in the collage.  She’s responsible for the flag on the stern of the sailboat, the sunrise, the Annapolis Market House, and of course the photo of yours truly.

Update: Our friend Meghan has responded via a facebook comment the following about the life ring case, thanks Meghan:

The manufacturer of the life ring case is Cheyenne Manufacturing, which began as a livestock ranch, then moved into making fiberglass.


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