Severna Park Photo Closes

Another casualty in the war between the mom and pops and the national chains, Severna Park Photo has closed. I can probably re-tell their story with a high level of accuracy based on my own family business closing a number of years ago.  I won’t digress too far into that though. Here is an article from the Capitol on the history of the company and their struggle to survive in a big box world.

My most recent purchase from SP Photo was when I treated my camera to a sensor cleaning and lens cleaning prior to vacation.  I have to say I am leery of the sensor cleaning, as I am still having some spotting on images I put through Photomatix. I had planned to take the camera back to them to determine if my sensor is permanently damaged or just needed to be re cleaned.

Sooner or later we’ll all learn that buying local just doesn’t mean we buy our tomatoes and corn from a roadside stand, but that we are constantly looking for ways to support local businesses and community members.  You’ll be missed SP Photo.


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