Currituck Light (Finally)

Finally! A photo of the Currituck Beach LighthouseLighthouses are fun (and easy) to photograph.  With Bodie Light, and Cape Hatteras Light you have to do some driving to get the shot. To get a photo of the Ocracoke Island Lighthouse involves a ferry ride.  With the Currituck light all you have to do is pull off the highway.  I now have photos of all four.

The Currituck light is different from the others in several other ways as well.  First it’s not painted but rather red brick.  Secondly, the grounds immediately surrounding the are wooded, with gardens and restored residences close to the light.  The other locations, save Ocracoke, are more “park like”, especially Hatteras. There are similarities as well.  Currituck, Bodie, and Hatteras were constructed around the same time, so the architecture of the light and the out buildings are consistent throughout.

North Carolina and the people of the Outer Banks have enormous pride in these lighthouses.  I’d suggest spending a few hours one afternoon visiting one of these lighthouses.  You’re never more than a 1/2 hour drive from any at least one if you stay north of Cape Hatteras on the Outer Banks.

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