Sorry for the Delay

If you have been reading Photos Along the Way for any amount of time you recognize this vantage point and exposure.  Yes, I have again stopped by my community dock on the way to work.  I snapped this shot about forty-five minutes before dawn this morning on the Little Magothy River in Annapolis MD.  It is actually 3 bracketed images, each shot at f/3.5, ISO 400, at 8, 2, and 30 second exposure times, using a Canon EF-S 18-55 lens, and run through tone compression only in Photomatix.

Shooting from the same spot over and over gives me an opportunity to critique my work.  However, I am sure it bores the heck out of you, my readers.  For that I apologize friends.  But I will add that I am getting better with this shot.  Shooting well before dawn took the sun out of the light metering equation.  This shot is metered on the boat in the center of the photo named “Footloose”.  Also, in the composition arena, I forced myself to aim the camera down towards the dock so that the horizon is higher in the frame.  This gives the clouds dimension.


4 thoughts on “Sorry for the Delay

    1. Thanks! Personally this is probably my favorite shot I’ve taken to date. 3 bracketed images run through the exposure fusion in photomatix, not HDR.


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