Wheels Keep Turning

Here is a shot from the not so distant archives.  The photo is of the wheels of a paddle boat docked on the pier in Fells Point, Baltimore, MD.   I shot this in late February while on a photowalk with the Baltimore Photo Collective, a group of talented Baltimore based , or Baltimore drawn photographers.  The two weeks before this photo were especially trying of the Baltimore Washington area,  as the area was pummeled by two back to back blizzards which dumped nearly 60 inches of snow on an area that sees that amount of snow in a full season (and some years 2 seasons).

There isn’t much technical about the photo.  It’s a red paddle wheel photographed late one winter afternoon.  The waning light was beginning to create long shadows and warm illumination on subjects still catching its rays.   There was talk that afternoon about the magical hour of afternoon photography when your subjects take on new life. We were clearly in that hour when this shutter snapped.  I have passed over this photo several times to add to the blog, mainly because if faded into the background of several other shots I thought were better.  However, in reviewing photos I have gained a new prospective on the photo.  I wonder why sometimes I don’t cut more photos, this is one that I may not have kept.  Glad I did.


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