Big Bird was always my favorite

In keeping the promise not to be predictable, here is a bonus post for Saturday morning.  This is an Eastern Brown Pelican (Pelecanus Occidentalis) we found one afternoon resting on a piling near the 4×4 beach access area in Corolla, NC.  I was amazed at how huge these birds are.  It was unusual to see only one by itself as usually they flew in flocks of three or more.

The Eastern Brown Pelican was listed as a endangered species in the late 1970’s because the pesticide DDT used in agriculture nearly wiped the species off the map. Oh, the lengths traveled in order to have the perfect head of broccoli.  Fortunately the species was saved and we can now show them to our kids on vacation.  In fact they have rebounded so well they are no longer listed as endangered.


2 thoughts on “Big Bird was always my favorite

  1. Is it weird if the first thing i thought about this photo was, “Man, that photo is peaceful enough to hang in my bathroom?” BTW… that’s a compliment. haha. nice shot Nels.


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