Leaving Tracks

Hard to believe our vacation was a month ago this week.  It was a special one for me and my family.  This shot was taken early in the morning on the 4×4 beach north of Corolla NC.  Good morning everyone.  What are your plans for today?

7 thoughts on “Leaving Tracks

  1. What a great shot with the sun hitting only the track on the left. I was there..that week is always special and this photo is an instant reminder of those seven days at the beach.
    What’s up with the different tire treads, left and right?


    1. Mike- I pulled the source image, and unfortunately I had cropped the original (poor post editing technique). I think you may be on to something though…. Thanks!

      Hey, are there any fall events in Bowie that would be good for photographs? I am looking to get out of the Annapolis area a little this fall.


  2. There is the International Festival coming up on Saturday, October 2th:


    I haven’t seen many people shots on your website, but the Bolivian dancers are favorite subjects of mine, but I am not the photographer that you are. I posted a few pictures on my very first blog post back in 2009:


    The colors, the faces and the movement all make for some interesting shots.

    I also captured a few more shots in 2010. Both sets from the Memorial Day parades in Bowie.


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