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Leaving Tracks

Hard to believe our vacation was a month ago this week.  It was a special one for me and my family.  This shot was taken early in the morning on the 4×4 beach north of Corolla NC.  Good morning everyone.  What are your plans for today?



  1. Nelson says:

    What a great shot with the sun hitting only the track on the left. I was there..that week is always special and this photo is an instant reminder of those seven days at the beach.
    What’s up with the different tire treads, left and right?

    • Nels says:

      I was wondering the same thing about the tracks. This was shot looking North about 10 minutes after the sun came up over the horizon.

  2. Bowie Mike says:

    You can see a bit of track in the upper left corner. Maybe that track matches the track on the left?

    • Nels says:

      Mike- I pulled the source image, and unfortunately I had cropped the original (poor post editing technique). I think you may be on to something though…. Thanks!

      Hey, are there any fall events in Bowie that would be good for photographs? I am looking to get out of the Annapolis area a little this fall.

  3. Bowie Mike says:

    There is the International Festival coming up on Saturday, October 2th:

    I haven’t seen many people shots on your website, but the Bolivian dancers are favorite subjects of mine, but I am not the photographer that you are. I posted a few pictures on my very first blog post back in 2009:

    The colors, the faces and the movement all make for some interesting shots.

    I also captured a few more shots in 2010. Both sets from the Memorial Day parades in Bowie.

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