Victoria Likes Alpacas

Those big brown eyes just got finished saying “Daddy!, I want a baby Alpaca, will you get me one?” Of course my answer was “No!!” but it did lead to a great photo of my little girl, Victoria.  Again, this was shot at the Anne Arundel County Fair on Saturday afternoon.

As I learn more and more about photography by shooting on my Canon Rebel Xti in full manual mode, I find myself taking compelling shots with my Canon G9 set in manual mode as well.  Face it, it’s a daunting proposition to lug a camera bag with a DSLR and a few lenses around the fair for the day while also carrying a water bottle, and a cup of Boardwalk Fries.  The G9 gives me the option of portability while not sacrificing shot options and photo quality.  In fact, in some situations, the small pocket sized G9 takes a better shot with greater resolution (12MP vs 10 MP)


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