Jack in the 4-H Pavilion

Here’s Jackson petting a sheep at the County Fair.  He was amazed to hear that we sheer sheep in order to get wool for clothing.  He made sure he petted any animal that would allow it.  However, he went searching for the sheep.

There is nothing technical about this photo. Again the post of the pen resolves diagonally in the corner, creating depth in the shot. Also, I have snapped this photo with a high angle in Jacks face so he is looking up at the camera, which always improves the shot.  What’s rewarding about this photo is that neither of those things were planned.  This is the way my eye captured the moment.  Now, before I pat myself on the back too much it really is a simple snapshot.  However, I am quickly learning that following a few composition tips can vastly improve snapshots, or works of art as well.


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