Back at the Beach

Here’s one more from the beach, although not this year.  This was taken in Nags Head, NC.  I have been looking through my older photographs in order to critique my composition style.  Without even knowing the rules this shot, which was taken in 2008, a few of them were followed and as a result created an interesting photo.  First, the horizon does not cut across the center of the image, it’s about two thirds of the way to the top. Secondly, the flow of the surf in the foreground of the photo resolves into the bottom left of the photo.  Those two elements, to me of course please comment if you disagree, create dimension in the photo.

Is this photo a favorite?  I wouldn’t say it is.  As I have said in earlier posts, I really like the way water looks when it’s flowing over a beach, or when waves obstruct and disturb the flow of water like a jetty sticking out into the bay.  I don’t know why, just me.

Enjoy your weekend!  We have the fortunate pleasure of meeting up with old old friends and neighbors today.  With all the talk about Facebook being the time drag of the century, it has served a gigantic niche with reconnecting folks who have lost touch.  Today,  we are having a picnic/reunion with the families who were neighbors in the community I grew up in as a kid.  I haven’t seen some of these people in almost 30 years, except for those who are on facebook, in that case my email tells me when they take their trash out.

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