The New “Old” Bridge

This week’s photo assignment over at Digital Photography School was “Bridges”.  Unfortunately I missed the cutoff for submissions, but I did head out last night for an hour of photography.  I shot with two objectives in mind.  First, I was going to take as few shots as possible, and focus on making the shots I did take higher quality.  I was out for about an hour and only took 45 photos, half of which were bracketed.  And second, I wanted to work on framing my photos so that I didn’t need to crop.  There’s still some work to do there, but at least I got out and thought it through.

This photo is the “new” Old Severn River Bridge, also known as the Naval Academy Bridge.  This is the bridge you see from the US50 Bridge as you cross looking toward Annapolis.  As the name suggests the land to the far side left of the photo is the US Naval Academy.This is a bracketed 5-frame HDR, edited in Photomatix.  I have been shying away from HDR lately, mainly because I feel I really don’t know what I am doing.  However, this worked, so I went with it for today’s post.


4 thoughts on “The New “Old” Bridge

  1. Good stuff Nels. I’ve photographed that bridge before. Its a good one. I like the exposure here. Usually the “extra” from the HDR doesn’t do to much good, but because of the clouds and such, it really works!


  2. This is a LOVELY picture! Did you take it the night of that great sunset? Almost looks like a painting. I added your website to my list of favorite sites on my blog. Can’t believe I haven’t come across it already. Nice work!


    1. Thanks Christy! Yes, I couldn’t resist that light during the sunset the other night and luckily I had an hour of free time. Love your blog on the cape, I’m terrible w/ keeping my blogroll up to date but will certainly add cape blogger to the list when I do.


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