Flower from Virginia Beach

This photo has been on both the “must publish” and the “will probably delete” piles of photos from our August vacation.  However, as I look back at what I got right and what I got wrong, there is enough right to publish this photo.  First, what I don’t like.  I don’t like that even though it’s out of focus there isn’t more lawn to give the photo some dimension.  Second, I don’t like that the sky and the bay don’t contrast one another more.  What I do like that is because of the shallow depth of field the flower take on a a bit of a 3-d look standing in front of the blurred background.  I also like the yellows and greens in the flower against the blue. One accomplishment of this photo is that I used the G9 but did not set it to macro mode.  Learning to shoot in manual mode on my DSLR continues to improve my photography on the G9 point and shoot as well.

The shot itself was taken in my in-laws back yard overlook Lynnhaven Bay in Virginia Beach, VA.  Traditionally, we spend a night with my in laws at the start of vacation each summer.


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