Why I dislike this photo

First of all this is 5 images run through Photomatix’s Exposure fusion.  I’ve shot this boat and this location many times before.  I took a black and white image of this vantage point a few years ago and the print hangs framed in my house.

I made a few mistakes with this image.  First, the horizon chops right through the middle of the photograph.  This confuses my eyes to the point where I don’t know whether to look at the marina and sky in the top portion or the boat in the lower.  Of course, the objective is for the yellow boat to be the focal point.   And because I bracketed images on a windy night the mast of the boat gets elongated because the mast swayed slightly between and during longer exposures and consecutive photos.

So the things I should have done were to think a little more about the composition of the shot.  How should I hold the camera or set the tripod to capture the right image.  And second, I should have taken a single raw image, and in post edit created .tiff files at varying exposures to run through Photomatix.  Or better yet, concentrated on getting a higher quality single image.

So file this post under “What I messed up”.


4 thoughts on “Why I dislike this photo

  1. you learn and then you move on. now, go back to the same place and take another photo using your “should have” comments.
    PS – the horizon in the middle suggestion, yeah, I can say “you knew better than that”…the rest, which i think is great about photography, you try again.


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