MercyMe Concert Review

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I had planned to upload a photo from my Blackberry Curve from Saturday’s MercyMe show at the Hippodrome in Baltimore, MD.  However, none of the photos are any good.  In fact they are horrible.  I need an Iphone. At any rate, MercyMe rocked, and they mixed things up a little bit by covering three songs that you aren’t going to hear at a christian artist show.

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They opened the show by covering the Beatles “Revolution”, which was good but played very tight and perhaps a bit too polished. A few songs later in the set they broke out Tom Petty‘s “I won’t back down”, which was well done in all regards.  Loved it, and loved the fact that they played it.  The third cover was U2’s “Where the streets have no name”, which I would expect at a christian show.  However they played the song with so much intensity it reminded be of standing in RFK Stadium in 1987 jumping up and down when U2 was playing the song.  Well done MercyMe!

As for their own songs, I was surprised they didn’t play one staple, “Bring the Rain“.  In a way I was really looking forward to them drawing out the worshipful middle of the song (the part they cut from the radio edit). But alas they didn’t play the song.  What they did play they played well.  They are a very tight, polished, and road tested band.  I would have liked to seen them move around the stage a little, but their style seemed to be “stand in front of the mic”, except for the bassist and rhythm guitarist, who moved around quite a bit.

Perhaps the best part of the concert though, was my date for the evening.  I can’t remember a time when Lynn and I have gone out on the town to a concert. Actually, could be never.  We had a great time, and spent a few hours just the two of us among thousands.


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