Don’s Seafood Market & Restaurant – A review

My question to the front desk clerk was “where’s a good family restaurant, that’s not too expensive”.  Their suggestion was Don’s Seafood Market & Restaurant.  She then explained to stay away from the steaks, the seafood was good, and the kids menu was excellent.  What sealed the deal was that Don’s was a short walk from the Hotel. We set out on the 5 minute walk and arrived at Don’s shortly after 5PM to find the dining room about one third full. The decor was on the dull side, but it’s exactly what I expected from a neighborhood watering hole on Virginia‘s eastern shore.  We were immediately seated and within minutes I had ordered an appetizer and sodas.

I ordered a half dozen raw oysters on the half shell, couldn’t resist getting real Chincoteague oysters.  They Oysters arrived on a tray covered in brown paper towels.  The waitress also slapped a bottle of Tabasco on the table.  Again, that presentation of a half dozen oysters wouldn’t fly in Annapolis, but here in a fishing village in Virginia, it seemed to work.  The oysters were good, nice and salty, and firm but not rubbery.  Adding the Tabasco did little to the taste of the oysters, and I doubt if I’ll add it again.  However, I appreciate the suggestion from the waitress to try the spicy sauce on top of already spicy cocktail sauce.

For a main entree I ordered Seafood Alfredo.  The main dish came with my choice of two sides, which I chose the salad bar, and corn.  The salad bar was good, but far from special.  Your basics were covered.  There was no Bleu Cheese dressing, which disappointed.  The main dish itself was good, not great.  What the dish had going for it was a generous portion of shrimp and scallops.  Every fork full had at least one portion of seafood.  However, I found the Alfredo Sauce to be on the gloppy side, and I eventually put the fork down because the rich Alfredo was overpowering the pasta.  I’ll compliment the chef for creating a nice tasting Alfredo, a little less of it would have balanced the dish much better.

All in all, Don’s was what I expected.  It’s a local’s type place.  The food is decent, not great, but it’s served in a friendly and welcoming environment.  No frills, no panache, just food.  I felt a $43 check was on the high side for the meal we received, but it is a resort town so I’ll expect to pay a premium on the price of the meal.

Would I return? Yes, but I’d stay away from the Alfredo. They serve the seafood I like to eat, the way I like to eat it.


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