Annapolis Morning Flower — September 2010

Good morning, it’s Sunday!  Whatever your plan this morning, I hope it includes getting out and enjoying a beautiful fall day.

This photo was taken in downtown Annapolis outside City Dock Coffee.  Victoria and I were on an early morning photwalk of downtown Annapolis.  A little overexposed, I should have accounted for the bright sun off to the left of the shot.  The photos taken immediately prior to this were in the shade so I am sure I had the shutter at a wider aperture.  The cautionary tale to tell when shooting in manual mode would be to make sure you check your exposure frequently, and always when you move from shaded to sunny conditions.

Still I like the photo.  I messed with the shadows and fill light and a few other settings in my photo editor and didn’t like what I got for the effort.  So the image below is straight from the camera.

This post also marks a bit of change that you don’t see.   The image above is housed on the WordPress site and not Picasa, where I have uploaded photos for the past year or so.  This saves a few steps in the posting process.


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