Assateague Light

My legs are feeling it today but me and the kids climbed this beast on Sunday.  This is the Assateague Lighthouse on the southern tip of Assateague Island in the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge.  This light is 142 feet tall and is actually the second lighthouse to be built.  This light was constructed in 1867 and replaced a smaller light built on this spot in the 1830’s.

The light was originally a whole lot closer to the ocean, today it’s nearly 5 miles from where the Atlantic Ocean meets the area known as the “Canal”, or the entrance to Chincoteague Bay.  150 years of Nor’Easters, Hurricaines, and general erosion have moved the beach southward into an area known as Tom’s Cove.

It is a double walled light.  This means there is an inner cylinder within the structure that houses the steps to the top.  This prevents the need to have the step wrap around the inside of the cone shaped outer walls creating shorter steps at the top than at the bottom.   My legs couldn’t care less what the stair design was, 142 feet of them was way past the limit, and they have revolted today.


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