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Sorry folks no photo today, just some information to share with everyone.

Today marks my seven year anniversary of blogging.  October 13, 2003 I started Bigsun, over on blogger.  I had no idea how to blog and pretty much still don’t but Bigsun was fun.  Bigsun lent itself to a new blog called Communityis…., which was designed to chronicle my experiences leading small groups at the Church we were attending at the time.  Of course, this led to the addition of the photos, and we land today with communityisphotos…, which was a blog designed to capture my new hobby, photography, in November 2007.  For the most part the photos blog remained dormant until last fall when I began posting photos again.

I can’t say blogging has been a major part of life for me with the exception of the last year.  I am still learning and honing my craft.  Photo blogging has given me a voice I lacked in my previous blogs.  I’ve had just about 3300 page views since 2007 on this blog, most of which have come in the past 12 months.  So I am not enormously popular on the blogoshere, but I do have a small presence.   I am always working on improving posts, content, and readability.

There are a few things on the horizon.  I like neither the communityisphotos or the Photos Along the Way names for the blog.  So I am looking for a new name.  If anyone has a suggestions please send this this way. Second,  when I pick a new name for the blog I’ll likely purchase the domain name and pin it to this blog.  I am also going to reach out to some other local photographers and start to feature some of their work here as well.  Good photos create more good photos so we’ll all learn by sharing with our peers and friends.  If you are interested comment on this post and I’ll discuss the opportunity offline.

Well that’s about it.  If anyone wants to bake a cake for the anniversary I like double chocolate.  In the unlikely event you’ve been following my posts since 2003, thank you.  If you have just started, thank you also.

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