Great Egret

This is a Great Egret and in my limited knowledge of the species I believe this is a youngster.  The photos of mature Great Egrets I have seen show them with much longer hair like feathers.  This bird was perched on a stick picking fish out of the water near a causeway.  Water was rushing in as the tide was rising from the small lagoon on the other side of the road to this pool of water.

I am pretty proud of this photo, I was very close to the bird when I took the photograph.  The shot is hand held with my 28-200 zoom.  I think my focal length was close to 200mm in this shot.  Photographing birds is challenging, and rewarding at the same time.  You need a quick shutter and a good zoom.

(UPDATE)—  A friend over on Facebook has let me know that the longer, hair like plumage I had seen in other Great Egret photos is only seen when the species is breeding.  There you go, thanks MC!


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