Green Heron

A cousin to the Egret and Great Blue Heron, here is a what I am almost certain a Green Heron.  Green Herons usually sit in trees or in perches that sit over water and drop bait into the water.  When a bait fish bites the Green Heron swoops in and gets it catch.  That’s exactly what this bird was doing when we drifted by.  They are much smaller that the Blue Herons, but still a sizable bird.

We were able to get close to this bird.  I was on a Pontoon Boat, and rested my elbow on the seat to stabilize the shot.  I had switched over to Shutter Priority mode (Tv) after I discovered I had been trying to shoot flying birds in F/16- ISO 100.  I am pleased with the photo, but it’s not my best by far.  Let me know what you think.


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