Great Blue Heron

This image was captured in the Cherry Tree Gut, in the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge, very close to the Virginia and Maryland state line.  This gigantic bird was standing along the shoreline until the sound of the pontoon boat motor caused him to scurry.  He flew about 200 yards east up into a protected lagoon (meaning our boat wasn’t going in after him).  We saw six or eight Great  Blue Herons while in the park, these enormous birds are amazing to watch fly.

As I said in an earlier post I had set my camera incorrectly for most of the boat ride.  And while I got many good images, most were destined for the trash bin because of blur.  This sequence of photos though was taken in Shutter Priority mode (Tv).  This allowed me to maintain a 1/1250th of a second shutter speed, and the camera automatically set the Aperture to the light conditions, which worked out to F/5.6 for most of the photos.  The only limiting condition in this photo are that I didn’t have a longer zoom, this is shot with a 28-200 Quantaray zoom.  Nonetheless, I like the image and would even categorize it as one of the best of the weekend.

Enjoy you weekend everyone.  Enjoy the fall weather!

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