Got Stuck?

I have been hindered lately by my photography work flow.  I have two issues happening.  First, ever since the upgrade to Windows 7 and the re-install of the Canon Eos Utility program, I’ve needed to update my camera’s firmware in order to download RAW images.  After spending the better part of a weekend struggling with the firmware upgrade to no avail.  I am waiting for an external card reader to arrive in the mail so I can more easily get photos off the cameras I have.  This adds another step and usually an addition hour of work to my work flow.  And second, I got a little lazy with my file maintenance, and have photos spread over two hard drives, and have inadvertently duplicated several shooting dates.   Along with these two hindrances, I am trying like heck to migrate away from using Picasa (desktop) for editing my images.  What I need to do is spend the money on photoshop/lightroom and be done with it, but I do have two kids that like to eat, so groceries always end up on the list instead.

While all of this is going on, I have been reading a little on proper exposure, and managed to get a short photo walk done this afternoon.  I tried like you wouldn’t believe to utilize what i read, but the camera meter still produces a better light meter than my eye, which means I need to practice more before I share the photos.  So basically the photos I took today were crap, and have been archived deep on drive G:

I bring all this up to point out that I feel a little stuck, thus the photo above,  at a photographic plateau right now.  I know I need to cross the plateau but don’t really want to leave the comfort of what I know.  I’ll solve the  RAW image download issues, and I’ll get my photos reorganized correctly.  But will I branch out and continuously try to improve, or will I stay in my comfort zone (photographically speaking).


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