The Lady in the Harbor

This photo reminds of the Rich Mullins song “Land of my Sojourn”
And the lady in the harbor
She still holds her torch out
To those huddled masses who are
Yearning for a freedom that still eludes them
The immigrant’s children see their brightest dreams shattered
Here on the New Jersey shoreline in the
Greed and the glitter of those high-tech casinos
But some mendicants wander off into a cathedral
And they stoop in the silence
And there their prayers are still whispered
And I’ll sing their song, and I’ll sing their song
In the land of my sojourn


This photo was shot on a Sony 5MP point and shoot a few years back while on a bus trip to New York.  It was the first and only time I have been to the Statue of Liberty.  If you haven’t listened to Rich Mullins lately, I suggest you do very soon.

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