Sandy Point State Park


Tree with a Million Dollar View


I did, in fact, make a trip to Sandy Point this morning for a few photos.  I was a little late getting there and the sun was hitting the Chesapeake Bay Bridge very harshly.  I decided to try to find some other stuff to photograph instead of the bridge, else I would have fought lens flare all morning.  The photo above is taken from the “point” of Sandy Point.  Off to the right of this photo is the Sandy Point Light, that marks a shoal and the entrance to the Baltimore shipping channel.  Behind the tree and to the left is the entrance to the Magothy River, you are looking West Northwest in this photograph. There was a steady Northwest wind that made a 50 degree morning feel much much cooler.  I didn’t stick around for a second shot, opting to get away from the water and find something else to photograph.

Shot settings for the photo are, F/16, 1/100, ISO 400, I adjusted the RAW file exposure down one stop, so what you see is the equivalent of F/8 (someone correct me if I am wrong).   In analyzing the image I should have stopped down in the camera and sped my shutter up considerably, or just set the camera to Tv mode with a fast shutter.  But, I got what I think is a pretty good image.  Not  my best work by far.

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