Grant’s Memorial, Washington DC


Grant's Memorial, Washington DC


When I posted on the Taney memorial in Annapolis last weekend I commented on the complexity in the detail usually found in monuments and memorials.  The above is no exception to that point.  This is the Ulysses S. Grant memorial near the US Capitol Building in Washington DC.  This photo was taken during our President’s day trip to the US Botantic Garden, which is located across the street from this memorial.

The shot in color was not very compelling and was shot as a JPEG.  I should have taken a bit more time setting up the shot so that I got more of Grant’s sword in the shot.  The black and white treatment adds some more contrast to the shot.




3 thoughts on “Grant’s Memorial, Washington DC

  1. Nice picture. Without seeing the color I can’t say for sure, but I like the b&w treatment. I’m sure it helps add some emotion to the image. Also, since its an old memorial, I think b&w works really well with it.


  2. Great shot. The black and white adds to the effect. One correction: that’s not Grant holding the sword. It’s just a cavalryman. Grant is sitting on his horse between the monuments to the Cavalry and the artillery.


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