Saturday in the Park

Quiet Waters Park Ice Rink, Annapolis, Maryland, November 2010

I managed to get out for some photos and an afternoon at the park Saturday.  The occasion was an afternoon youth group skating party Victoria wanted to attend.  The weather was absolutely incredible, and very non-ice skating-ish, warm in the 60’s and bright blue skies.  Many of the kids were in short sleeves, and I even saw a few folks in shorts.  However, when the sun went behind the trees overlooking the rink the temperatures plummeted pretty quickly.

Quiet Waters Park is an awesome green space located on the south east side of Annapolis.  I’ve posted photos from Quiet Waters here and here.  This will be a short week at Photos Along the Way.  We’ll have posts Monday through Wednesday this week, but take Thursday off for Thanksgiving.  I’ll have a few photos up on Friday, the regular Cloud Photo and one from Thursday’s festivities.

7 thoughts on “Saturday in the Park

  1. I still gotta get you into Topaz Adjust… I think you’d like it more than HDR. It’s less work, you only need 1 image and it will allow you to make more subtle enhancements to the photo since I know you’re not much of a fan of the over-the-top stuff.


    1. Lightroom and/or photoshop are on my Christmas list. Along with a 75-300 zoom and a flash attachment (doubt if I have been “good” enough). Topaz works with Photoshop correct?


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