Cloud Photo Friday 11-26-2010


Quiet Waters Park, Annapolis MD, November 2010, F/13, 1/320, ISO400


Happy Thanksgiving, after the day off yesterday photos have returned today with this Friday’s installment of Cloud Photo Friday.  This was a quick test shot when I started taking pictures last Saturday at Quiet Waters Park.  We are having a quiet “black friday” around the house today, we’ll eventually need to go face the madness of the malls and big boxes, but we’ll shop primarily on-line this year.  Enjoy your weekend everyone, remember your camera is your friend so take it along wherever you go.


2 thoughts on “Cloud Photo Friday 11-26-2010

  1. LeAnn and I like that park. I think we are going to go biking there next year. LeAnn got a bike/bike fitting for her birthday from her folks so I will get a new one and then we can go riding together.


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