Welcome–Holiday Season

Annapolis Mall, Annapolis MD, January 2010, f/4, 1/500, ISO80

Going a little abstract to kick off the Holiday Season.  We had an enormously long afternoon at the mall last January and this photo was shot out of boredom as we ate Maggie Moo’s for desert.  I loathe the mall at any time of year, but especially at Christmas.   Fortunately my Holiday Shopping list for 2010 limits my exposure to the mall.

This is my first published image using Lightroom 3. My initial response is that I love the program, even if they don’t offer a publish link with Picasa.  I have never been much of a Flickr person, finding it to be kind of hard to navigate.  Also, Lightroom seems to drain my systems RAM, which may prove problematic as I move into my 2011 photography goals and objectives (more on those goals in mid-December).  All things considered though, Lightroom significantly simplifies my workflow, which is really really good news.

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