Imaginary Picture

Today’s photo is virtual.  It’s the shot I missed this morning of the sunrise over the Severn River.  After receiving kudos HERE for seemingly always to have my camera in hand, I failed miserably this morning to capture the spectacular light, clouds and calm river that greeted me as I crossed the Severn River Bridge this morning on my way to work.  It was a stop the car, find a spot, take a few photos kind of opportunity, but I failed to have a camera with in the car.

I used to get really aggravated with that “guy” on the Sunday afternoon church softball team that would get completely ticked he struck out and start to throw stuff around the dugout.  You know the “guy”  that was overly serious about the game to the point of annoying everyone around.  Well I am sure that if anyone else was in the car this morning they would have thought the same of me for missing the shot.

My apologies for not delivering the shot described above.  Next time I’ll live up to Chad’s publicity and have the stinking camera in the car and ready.


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