Least Popular Week Day 1


Lego Crain, January 2010, 15 page views


Vowing never to be the predictable, it is “least popular” week here on the blog.  This week will feature the posts of 2010 that didn’t garner the readership that some of the other posts received.  Some of the “unpopular” posts are not surprising, namely the one above.  However, some posts are photos I was really proud of that just didn’t get the views.

So today’s shot was taken late one Saturday night in January. Jack and I had assembled the crane above.  Oh, who am I kidding, Jack went to bed and I finished the crane over a few cold Old Feziwig Ales.   I am not all that surprised that this isn’t that popular.  Had I posted this over on Facebook, I would have garnered tons of comments, but this doesn’t make for compelling blog content.  Anyway Jack and I were proud of our work and wanted everyone to see it.


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